Diploma in Game Development

A flexible, vocational, industry-focused and cost-effective route into the games industry

Essential Information

Have you been playing computer games for as long as you can remember?

Do you dream of working on the next "World of Warcraft" or "Call of Duty" title?

Do you want to do more than just play games?


Course Overview

The Diploma in Game Development has been designed from the ground up to have a strong vocational focus, pushing you to think about independent studio creation and business and as well as creative games development. With a carefully structured curriculum of team based projects and assignments, you will develop important skills in both games development and business across a variety of core areas before working with others to create professional game content.

Our diploma allows you to learn core areas of games development such as games design, level design, art and visual design, visual and language based scripting, games as business and production management. You will also take part in our ‘Game Jam Sandwich’ development weekends that bring all diploma students from all three years of the programme together to create game prototypes allowing them to network and foster creative relationships. The Diploma in Game Audio students will actively participate in the ‘Game Jam Sandwiches’ and this will foster a great working relationship between the two programmes. The Futureworks Games Department is operated by skilled games artists, designers and programmers with real industry experience. Unlike many colleges and universities, Futureworks is designed to emulate a real games studio with industry standard software and hardware. 


Who is this Course for?

The Diploma in Game Development covers everything you need to succeed as a games developer. If you are interested in creating your own games, learning professional skills and meeting others to create game development teams – the Diploma in Game Development is for you and will be a massive plus for your future career as a games developer.


Key Features

  • No price increases for the duration of the course
  • Delivered by real game developers who know first-hand skills you need to learn
  • Team-based study – making real games like real studios
  • ‘Game Jam Sandwich’ game development weekend sessions
  • Built on the official curriculum set out by the IGDA
  • Working relationship with Diploma in Game Audio students


Are there any pre-requisites?

• Year 1: A real passion for computer games and a working knowledge of Windows
• Year 2: Previous experience or demonstrable knowledge in your chosen specialist path
• Year 3: Previous experience or demonstrable knowledge in your chosen specialist path

When Will I Study?

Attendance is 2 evenings per week for lectures and lab sessions (3 hours each). Practical time can be booked to suit your availability, and in year 1 should typically amount to a minimum of 10 hours per week.

For more information
Call: 0161 214 4600
Email: admissions@futureworks.co.uk

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Detailed Description

Year 1

Designed to give all students that join the Diploma in Game Development a solid grounding in key areas of art, design and scripting our first year is split into two core tracks. These core tracks run side by side all year long where you will complete assignments that focus on fundamentals of games design, game art and scripting. 

Games Design & Visual Scripting

  • Intro to games design fundamentals
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Task & Puzzle Design
  • Intro to Level Design
  • Game Production & Team Building
  • C# Scripting Language
  • Intro to Unity Games engine

Art & Visual Design

  • 2D character and environment conception
  • Digital Drawing
  • Intro to 3D Modelling
  • Environment Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Research & Reference

Year Two

The second year of the Diploma in Game Development is where game development begins. You will continue with formal assignments in the first term, exploring development work flow and documentation before participating in group based assignments in term two and three. It is here that important skills in team work, production and development are learned.

Term One

Games Design & Visual Scripting

  • Games Design Documentation
  • Practical Level Design
  • Technical Documentation
  • Advanced C# Scripting
  • Advanced Unity

Art & Visual Design

  • 3D character modelling
  • Game art pipe-line
  • Advanced Texture Mapping
  • 3D Environment Creation
  • Environment Animation

Term Two & Three

Games Development & Production

  • Fast-Paced Prototype creation and iteration
  • In-Engine Development
  • Games Development Process
  • Engine Scripting and Design
  • Team Based Learning
  • Practical Games Production One
  • Practical Games Production Two

Year Three

Year 3 culminates in a year-long game development project. Utilising the skills learnt during your previous 2 years of study you will be working towards creating a full release title for the platform of your choice – pushing the limits of the technology, and establishing yourself as a credible games developer.

Alongside the development skills, Year 3  students will be taught the business aspects of independent development. Subjects such as company formation, routes to publishing, distribution and networking are vital for students who are venturing in the business of games development.

With complete freedom over tools, technology, platform and concept, your final project will represent the combined skill and knowledge of your Diploma studies, and will result in the creation of a releasable title and superb portfolio piece. 

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Which facilities will I have access to?

You will be taught in our purpose built games labs, with practical time taking place throughout the facility, including the Pods, meeting rooms, open-access facilities in the lounge and in our in-house games studio.

How will I be taught?

A mix of informative lectures / workshops combined with both guided and independent practical activity. There is a major focus on practical projects, and you will be encouraged to work with students from different disciplines.

Who will I be taught by?

All Futureworks tutors are experienced industry professionals. You'll also receive regular training from the team at Smashmouth Games, as well as regular lectures and workshops from carefully chosen visiting tutors with specialisms in certain areas.

How am I assessed?

Assessment comprises a series of real-world projects, which are marked according to industry specifications as laid out by the IGDA curriculum framework. There are no exams - we test you on your ability to do the job!

What qualifications will I receive?

Successful graduates will achieve Futureworks' Diploma in Game Development. You'll also leave with a stunning portfolio of work, and many months of hands-on experience under your belt - and a real edge over students studying on regular university games courses.

How do I apply?

Just click the button below for all the information on the application process.

What are my payment options?

Course Fees are £10125 or initial payment of £273.65 and 36 monthly installments of £273.65. More information on funding is available by calling us on +44(0) 161 214 4600.

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