Diploma in Audio Engineering and Production

Essential Information

Futureworks is one of the world’s top audio engineering schools. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in live sound engineering or audio production, we can equip you with the skills you need to excel in this industry.

'Rosa' by Dominic Shields: Audio Engineering Diploma Post Production Assessment

Course Overview

The audio industry is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of modern technology. At Futureworks we teach you how to work in high quality studios using the same equipment and software that you will find in the best and most pretigious studios worldwide. All our facilities are designed from the ground up, in order to create the perfect acoustic environment. We use highly renowned acoustic design team Harris Grant, who have helped create some of the best studios around the world. We feel it is vital that you use the finest innovations in technology, so you get to grips with the practical sides of your studies and develop the skills needed to flourish in your chosen career.

Where will the Audio Engineering Diploma lead me?

This course is the perfect platform to learn how to become a Music Producer, Sound Engineer or Mix Engineer within the music industry, a Post Production Engineer in film and TV, or a Sound Designer for video games.

One of the great things about this course is the quality of our tutors. They are all industry active and, as such, can share their commercial experiences with you in lessons. Our Head of Audio, Rob Magoolagan, is a renowned producer on over 40 commercial album releases and has travelled the globe as a live sound engineer at major European festivals.

Outside of lesson time, you will have access to some of the best studios in the UK. In this time, you can work on personal projects; whether it’s recording a band, dubbing a film or creating music for the newest video game release.

At Futureworks, you will be studying amongst video game makers, filmmakers, animators, visual effects artists and more; so there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate on projects. Your best work could be signed to our in house record label ‘Futureworks Music’ and join the collection of successful artists who have already had their tracks released.

Avid’s Pro Tools software has been used on most of the music you hear every day as well Hollywood blockbuster films you see at the cinema. Futureworks is an authorised Avid Training Centre; this means that we can also provide you with accredited qualifications during your studies. Qualifications such as ‘Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator’ are recognised worldwide and show that you have all the skills and expertise required by industry employers.

Key Features

• Gives you experience of professional life, while you study
• Highly practical, using commercial-specification studios and software
• Extensive hands on practical studio time
• Learn in the highest calibre audio facility found anywhere in Europe
• Developed in collaboration with industry employers
• Includes training in large format consoles - Neve, SSL & D-Control
• Embedded Pro Tools Certification to Operator level (101/110/201/210M)
• Collaborative projects with film, TV and animation students

Who is the Audio Engineering course for?

Year 1 starts from first principles, and requires no prior knowledge, so is suitable for beginners. Year 2 progresses your skills to advanced level, and is suitable for year 1 graduates, degree postgraduates, and those with relevant experience or education seeking to advance their knowledge.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Year 1: No formal qualifications are required as the course assumes no previous experience of the subject.
Year 2: We accept direct entry onto year 2, providing you have relevant experience or education that can be demonstrated with a portfolio at interview. Year 1 graduates are automatically accepted onto year 2.

When will I study?

2 x 3 hour lectures per week plus practical time, which can be booked to suit your availability.

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Detailed Description

Term 1

Provides you with the essential tools of the trade, including sound recording, engineering and studio techniques. You begin your training in Pro Tools and are introduced to your first two studios.  
Topics Covered: analogue & digital fundamentals; introduction to the Pro Tools DAW; Pro Tools 101; microphones , dynamic controllers, EQ; analogue & digitally controlled console training (Toft ATB24 & Digidesign Icon - D-Command).

Term 2

Builds on the essential tools and develops your technical skills in a more creative direction.
Topics Covered: studio effects & processes; studio session management, recording engineer workflow, group recording sessions across 4 studios; Pro Tools 110. You are introduced to the next level of studios (SSL & Icon 5.1). Project: recording session.

Term 3

Applies the skills you have developed so far. You will be introduced to working in both stereo and surround formats. You will be able to create, engineer, mix and deliver a project in the latest consumer formats.
Topics Covered: working in surround; synchronisation; introduction to sound design; console training (SSL AWS900+ & D-Command 5.1). Project: music creation delivered in stereo and surround formats.

Term 4

Begins with an introduction to our high level music production and post production facilities (Neve & Icon D-Control). Our advanced-level tutors guide you through the world of studio production taking in mixing and mastering, culminating in a year 2 major music album production and mastering project.
Topics Covered: mixing, mastering, sound design, analogue recording, Pro Tools 201; large format consoles (Neve VR Legend & Digidesign D-Control)

Term 5

Leads you through the workflows and industry practices of  film production & post production sound, expanding into  interactive content with game sound design and implementation assessed by a game sound design project. At this level collaborative working practices are essential – specialist tutors guide us through the AVID and Final Cut video editing environments. A second year 2 major project - 'Mix a Film' - will be completed.
Topics Covered: Mixing for TV & Film; practical analogue recording; system installation; amplifiers and speakers; AVID; Final Cut Pro; sound for video games.

Term 6

Completes your Pro Tools training with official certification level 210. Film mix, album project and game project are all subject to tutorial guidance and are submitted across this section of the course.
Topics Covered: Studio production, Mixing for Film &TV; audio for games; final show-reel projects.

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Which facilities will I have access to?

You will be taught in our purpose-built Audio Classroom, (with your own fully-loaded iMac workstation , Yamaha mixer and Digidesign Command 8). Practical time takes place in the following studios: Toft ATB24, D-Command Music, SSL AWS900, Camera studio, D-Command 5.1 AV Post Production Suite, D-Control Dubbing Theatre and Neve VRL60.
When its time to wind down, you can relax in the Futureworks lounge, or one of the many local bars and cafés.

How will I be taught?

A mix of informative lectures and workshops combined with both guided and independent practical activity. There is a major focus on practical projects, many of which are run collaboratively with students on other courses such as TV and Film Production, and are based around "live" briefs. In addition, students are invited to participate in any commercial sessions held at Futureworks. The tuition is enhanced by regular guest lectures from industry experts. Embedded within the course is the official Pro Tools training programme, up to Operator level, Avid training and Apple training. All course materials are included in the fees.

Who will I be taught by?

All Futureworks tutors are experienced professionals. As well as your main tutors, you will have regular lectures and workshops from carefully chosen visiting tutors with specialisms in certain techniques.

How am I assessed?

Assessment comprises a series of real-world projects, which are marked according to industry specifications, and mapped to Skillset National Occupational Standards. Apple, Avid and Digidesign Certification is assessed by online examination.

What qualifications will I receive?

Successful graduates will achieve Futureworks Audio Engineering Certificate (1 year) or Diploma (2 years), as well as 'Pro Tools Operator' certification. You will also leave with an impressive Showreel, finished to commercial standard, which will showcase a wide range of audio techniques.

How do I apply?

Just click the button below for all the information on the application process.

What are my payment options?

Course Fees are £9125. You can pay in a single payment or by monthly installments of £365.

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