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Futureworks School of Media provides world-class education and training in Sound, Music, Film & TV, Games, Design, Animation and Visual Effects

Futureworks provides Degrees, professional Diplomas and short courses in Audio, Film & TV, Games, Visual Effects and Animation.

Our campus is based in the centre of Manchester, a city thriving with creativity - from its people to its forward thinking media industries. Our studios are designed by renowned acoustic and technical systems masters ‘Harris Grant’, who have designed some of the best and most innovative studios worldwide.

All our studios are state of the art and boast some of the best outboard gear there is available; we pride ourselves on making sure our range of equipment is filled with the kind of tools you would find used on commercial records, films, games, TV shows and advertisements. Furthermore our computers run the latest editions of professional programs such as Nuke, Adobe, Pro Tools and more.

With all the latest innovations in technology on your side, you have with the perfect platform get to grips with the practical side of your studies, helping you develop the skills needed to excel in your chosen career.

One of the best things about Futureworks is our tutors, as well as being great teachers; they are all industry active and regularly produce commercial work, which is brought into lessons for you to learn from. We feel it is essential that you learn from experienced professionals who know exactly what it is the industry wants from graduates.

When you come and study with us you get to study in the UK’s fastest growing city, a place of progress and innovation. Manchester’s culture is inspired by its deep rooted musical heritage, nightlife, sport and the arts. Whatever it is you want to achieve, Manchester provides the perfect platform to succeed and make a difference.

If you would like to know more about us, or the courses we offer then please get in touch on 0161 214 4600 or alternatively you can email us on info@futureworks.co.uk.


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